Selaković: Gratitude to Argentina for supporting our territorial integrity

13. Oct 2021.
Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, Nikola Selaković, met with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, Pablo Tettamanti.

Selaković stated that the relations between Serbia and Argentina are friendly and that they are based on mutual understanding and support. He added that an important link in relations is the mutual commitment to respecting international law and adhering to the policy of dialogue as well as building consensus as the foundation of international relations.

The Minister noted with satisfaction that political dialogue and high-level visits have intensified in recent years, and on this occasion he also extended an invitation to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina to pay an official visit to Serbia.

He also conveyed our interest in organizing political consultations between the two Ministries of Foreign Affairs in the coming period.

The head of Serbian diplomacy thanked Argentina for its continuous and active support for our territorial integrity and sovereignty, as well as for the support it provides us in international organizations.

Talking about economic cooperation, Selaković stated that trade exchange is growing, as well as that there are potentials for its improvement, especially in the fields of agriculture, pharmacy, construction, IT and renewable energy.