Art Embassy of Serbia opened in Slovenia

05. Oct 2021.
The Art Embassy of Serbia, a kind of a tourist and business center of our country in Slovenia, was opened tonight in Gorizia Hills in Slovenia, and the opening was also attended by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić.

The art embassy was opened in the villa of one of the most famous Slovenian winemakers, Marjan Simčič, and represents one of the best preserved and most representative Renaissance buildings in Slovenia, and Simčič himself was proclaimed the artistic ambassador of Serbia to Slovenia.

President Vučić said that he was happy to attend the opening of the art embassy, ​​which thus joins the embassies in another 16 other countries, which were created based on the idea of ​​connecting artistic diplomacy and wine.

"It is not easy to find a higher level and degree of artistic freedom and expression than making good wine. I am even happier that the embassy is located in the winery of the extraordinary winemaker Marjan Simčič. His decision to open his winery to Serbian art speaks of the respect he and the Gorizia Hills have for Serbia, but also the respect of Serbia for Gorizia Hills and Slovenia", said Vučić.

The President expressed his belief that Serbian artists will use the embassy to present themselves to Slovenia, that we will visit each other, learn from each other, respect and love each other.

"The idea that every winery in the Gorizia Hills should be home to one art embassy has to this day given us a real wine-artistic diplomatic corps", the President of Serbia noted.

He added that Serbia is very satisfied with the good bilateral relations with Slovenia, especially in the economic field, and that Slovenia is one of the most important trade partners of our country.

"I am convinced that economic cooperation can be even better and greater, and this is one of the ways to unite our souls and friendships, and show how much we care for you, and you for us. I understood every word in Slovenian tonight, probably because I often come to Slovenia, and I spend a lot of time in your country and in the Gorizia Hills. Serbia is another home for you, just as we perceive Gorizia Hills as our second home", Vučić said.

The art embassy of Serbia was opened within the project initiated by the organization Art Circle, and it is the 17th in a row that was opened in the wineries of Gorizia Hills.

It is planned that from 10 to 17 October, artists from Serbia will paint the space of the villa in the colors and symbols of our country.

The opening of the Art Embassy in Gorizia Hills was also attended by the Minister for European Integration, Jadranka Joksimović, and the Ambassador of Serbia to Slovenia, Zorana Vlatković.

In the artistic part of the program, tenor Dejan Maksimilijan Vrbančić and actress Milena Župančič performed, who read excerpts from the works of Ivo Andrić and Miloš Crnjanski, in which they wrote about wine.

At the opening ceremony, Simčič said that he was honored to be the artistic ambassador of Serbia and said that he and his family would do their best to connect artists from Serbia and Slovenia through wine.

"We want them to create in our beautiful Gorizia Hills, to bring back beautiful memories from here and to strengthen the ties between our two countries through creativity", Simčič said.

The artistic director of the project, Klenem Brun, congratulated on the opening of the Art Embassy of Serbia in Slovenia and said that artists from Serbia and other places are welcome to create in Gorizia Hills.

At the end of the ceremony, President Vučić and Simčič symbolically unveiled the board of the Art Embassy.



Source: Tanjug