Serbia and Belorussia share firm and traditional friendship

23. Sep 2021.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, Nikola Selaković, has met in New York today with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belorussia, Vladimir Makei.

On this occasion, the interlocutors confirmed that our countries and nations share firm and traditional friendship.

Selaković discussed with his Belarus colleague the improvement of the political dialog of the two countries and cooperation in all fields of mutual interest.

The Serbian Foreign Minister emphasized that, primarily, there was a great room for strengthening of economic cooperation, which was still under realistic possibilities and interests of the two countries.

Minister Selaković thanked his interlocutor for the consistent support of Belorussia to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia, as well as for the stand in international organizations regarding the membership of so-called Kosovo. Furthermore, he introduced the Belarus Minister to the current situation in K&M and unilateral activities of Priština, as well as the refusal to implement the Brussels Agreement for more than one hundred months.

Selaković emphasized that stability and peace in the region was the main goal of Serbia and the basis for the economic development of the entire region highlighting “Open Balkan” as an excellent initiative for economic cooperation and progress of the region. He also informed the Belarus Minister on economic reform success of Serbia, which were the result of the vision of President Vučić.