To raise economic cooperation between Serbia and Azerbaijan to the level of political relations

27. Jul 2021.
On the third day of the official visit of Minister Selaković to Azerbaijan today, the sixth session of the Intergovernmental Committee for Economic Cooperation and Trade was held, which was co-chaired by Minister Selaković and the Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Azerbaijan, Sahil Babayev.

After the meeting, Selaković pointed out that bilateral political relations and strategic partnership are at a very high level, and especially underlined that the excellent friendly relations between the two presidents make a significant contribution to such cooperation.

The head of Serbian diplomacy said that the main conclusion of today's, sixth session of the IGC, was that the level of economic cooperation and trade exchange needs to be raised to the level at which our political relations are.

"Minister Babayev and I have shown readiness to give a new quality to the work of the IGC, we want to identify additional areas in which we can have good cooperation and achieve good results", Selaković said, adding that he also talked with Minister Babayev about President Aliyev's visit to Belgrade on 10 October.

Minister Selaković pointed out that economic cooperation and trade exchange have a tendency to grow, that they are still at a modest level, and that it is necessary to make additional efforts to intensify them.

Selaković also said that Minister Babayev informed him about the donation of Azerbaijan, which will be realized in the following period, but that the public will be informed about it by the two presidents during the visit in October.

The Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Azerbaijan, Sahil Babayev, stated that he agreed with the assessment of Minister Selaković that the political relations between the two countries are at the highest level and that it is necessary for economic cooperation to reach that level.

He also called on Serbian companies to take part in the reconstruction of post-conflict areas in Azerbaijan.