Notice by Minister Selaković: Scandalous Statements of Vjosa Osmani

22. Apr 2021.
The scandalous statements and scandalous behaviour of Vjosa Osmani show that Priština fundamentally does not want a dialogue.

The messages by representatives of Priština that they will re-examine the Brussels Agreement in order to “reset” the dialogue with Belgrade that is, I would remind, ongoing with the mediation and guarantees of the EU, is an act of unparalleled political brazenness, and it demands the urgent and pointed reaction of all those wishing for durable stability and peace in the Western Balkans. 

Today’s messages by Vjosa Osmani are a euphemism for a blockade of the dialogue, since the results of the dialogue of Belgrade and Priština are not a smorgasbord where one may pick and choose what to apply, and what not to. 

The messages from the election campaign of Albin Kurti, that the dialogue with Belgrade will be low on his list of priorities are coming true, as definitely been confirmed today, meaning that he is in fact not interested in dialogue or compromise at all. 

For years, or more precisely, for all of eight years, Priština has been refusing to implement its sole actual and essential obligation from the Brussels Agreement, i.e. the formation of the Community of Serbian Municipalities, and a clear message was sent today both to Belgrade and the international community that avoidance of obligations, manipulation, and lies are standard, and not an incident in the actions of Priština’s political structures.

I expect the international community, particularly states that openly and intensively support Priština, to harness and discipline their protégés in the interest of stability and peace in the region.