Togo recognises only one Serbia - Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Togo after the meeting with Dačić

16. Jan 2023.
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Togo Robert Dussey said today that he has assured Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Ivica Dačić of the unreserved support of the Republic of Togo as regards defending Serbia's territorial integrity.

„In Togo we recognise only one, single Serbia. I am glad that you mentioned the de-recognition of Kosovo, that de-recognition is final,“ said Dussey at a joint press conference with Dačić at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He also said that 54 African countries account for one third of the United Nations member states, noting that, at one point, Serbia's diplomacy had given up on Africa, but that the current Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dačić had re-established cooperation, for which he thanked him.

„Please do not leave Africa - you are doing a good job. I thank you for that“, Dussey told Dačić.

Dačić and Dussey today signed an Agreement on abolishing visas for holders of diplomatic passports.

„We wish stronger cooperation in several sectors, from education to the economy, and we want greater trade. We would also like to boost cooperation in the field of tourism and agriculture,“ Dussey said.

Dačić said he had had many meetings and talks with the |Minister of Foreign Affairs of Togo on many occasions, including during his visit in May 2019.

„Serbia, that is, the former Yugoslavia, and Togo are bound by traditional friendship that might have been forgotten at some point. We wish to renew and strengthen that cooperation and friendship,“ stated Dačić.

He added that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Togo would meet with President Aleksandar Vučić and Prime Minister Ana Brnabić today.

He pointed out that there was a lot of room for improving relations between the two countries and that Serbia must cherish old friendships and seek common interests with those countries in a global situation that was not easy.

„Serbia has committed to develop relations with African countries,“ Dačić said, noting that after his visit, Togo had decided to derecognise the so-called Kosovo.

Dačić thanked for that and noted that 27 countries had derecognised the so-called Kosovo, creating a chance for agreement and dialogue.

„Those who want an independent Kosovo want to achieve that by taking shortcuts or through outvoting in certain forums. We have prevented that and put dialogue back on the scene,“ Dačić said.

Source: Tanjug

Photo: MFA