Selaković: Our goal is the EU, the commitment of the Government of Serbia to reforms is unequivocal

06. Oct 2021.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Selaković, stated today that full membership in the EU is a strategic goal of Serbia, and that we belong there as a state and society due to our political commitment and reform course.

Speaking as a guest on "Pink" Television, Selaković said that we have done a lot in that regard, especially in the last year, and that no one can question the reform commitment of the Government of Serbia.

"There are also concrete results. We rightly expect what we have done to be valued. If the goal is full membership in the EU, on the one hand we have our tasks as a state, but on the other hand, someone should accept us there", the head of Serbian diplomacy emphasized.

He stated that internal challenges in the EU itself are a factor on which it also depends whether we can achieve our goal.

He says that there are those to whom it does not suit and to whom 2030 is unacceptable as the year of the entry of the countries of the Western Balkans into the EU, but that there are also demands for the EU to consolidate itself internally.

Minister Selaković stated that there are also EU member states, such as Hungary, which believe that Serbia should join the EU immediately.

"You have an outstretched hand and a great understanding of Hungarians who say that Serbia is a key country in the Western Balkans and that Serbia has already done more than enough to meet the criteria", said Minister Selaković.

He pointed out that Serbia is behaving very seriously and responsibly and that it has a serious and responsible president and state leadership, and that it has achieved a lot in terms of the economy when it comes to reducing public debt, attracting foreign direct investments and reducing unemployment.

"Today, Serbia is much more successful, economically incomparably stronger, it pursues a serious, sovereign and independent policy, decisions are made in Serbia, they are made by the president, the government and the assembly, and not the foreign ambassadors. When Serbia is as it is today, thanks to serious politics, there are those who have the right to be angry and not be satisfied with that", said Minister Selaković, answering a question about criticism from Croatia.

He said that we will continue to work even fiercer and harder to make Serbia even better.

He adds that this is Serbia that is responsible and takes care not only about its own interests, but also the interests of the entire region, and that is why the "Open Balkans" initiative was launched.

He emphasized that we are committed to European integration, but also that we do not have time to wait on the sidelines for the EU to solve its internal problems, because we do not want to stand still.

Minister Selaković says that Serbia is progressing, that it has managed to turn the negative trend of recession and constant setbacks in a completely new direction, that it is the locomotive of the region's development and that it is catching up with certain EU member states.

He emphasized that Serbia is committed to the EU, but that it has traditional partners, China, Russia and member countries of the Non-Aligned Movement.

On the occasion of the conference in Belgrade, on 11 and 12 October, which will mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Non-Aligned Movement, Minister Selaković says that this gathering will be one of the largest multilateral gatherings in Europe this year.

"The number of registered delegations has exceeded 100, of which we will have more than 40 foreign ministers, and this will be one of the largest gatherings in our country since 1989, when Yugoslavia last participated in the conference of the Non-Aligned Movement", said Minister Selaković.

He stated that the first guests will start arriving on 9 October, and asked the people of Belgrade to have patience and understanding due to the traffic jams that will be created due to the conference.

"Dear guests come to us who sincerely respect and love us, they have never blackmailed us. We should appreciate that, and it should be an honor for us", stated Minister Selaković.