Dacic: Serbia's position on French-German proposal very clear, responsible

27. Jan 2023.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic stated today that the official position of Serbia on the French-German proposal for solving the Kosovo issue was very clear and responsible, namely that Serbia wanted to continue dialogue and take part in it and that all that should be discussed based on that plan.

Responding to questions from reporters in Belgrade, Dacic said that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic had made it clear that Kosovo’s UN membership was a red line and unacceptable to Serbia.

"That is very important, because I have also had an opportunity to hear assessments in Brussels that, unlike Pristina, Vucic has acted constructively and responsibly and I think that this is very important, to try to preserve our state and national interests, as well as to preserve Serbia from various threats, blackmail, potential sanctions and anything that could jeopardize the future of Serbian citizens", Dacic said.

When asked what he expected from today's visit by European Parliament member Vladimir Bilcik to Serbia, Dacic recalled that during his visit to Brussels this week, he had the opportunity to speak with representatives of the European Parliament.

He stated that today's visit was one of the usual visits made by representatives of the European Parliament, especially those who follow the situation in a particular country.

"We have a lot of points of contention with them and the European Parliament is an institution whose decisions are not binding for the European bodies, but in any case it is very important that we react to everything that is not true in their reports. However, regardless of that I believe that Serbia has its European path", Dacic said.

Today in Belgrade, Minister Dacic attended the ceremony marking the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Source: Tanjug