Relations between Serbia and DR Congo have traditionally been good and friendly for 60 years

13. Oct 2021.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, Nikola Selaković, met today with the Minister of Regional Development of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Didier Mazenga Mukanzu.

Minister Selaković thanked the Minister for participating in the gathering of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries, which ended yesterday in Belgrade, and for which he said was extremely important and very successful.


The head of Serbian diplomacy assessed that bilateral relations are traditionally good and friendly, reminding that this year we are marking not only 60 years since the first NAM conference, but also 60 years of bilateral relations between Serbia and DR Congo. He pointed out that the two countries should maintain good dynamics of political dialogue and continue with the realization of visits at high and highest levels.

Also, Minister Selaković said that attention should be given to the development of economic relations, and he mentioned trade, agriculture and the IT sector as areas in which cooperation improvement is possible.

Selaković thanked his interlocutor for his principled position regarding the non-recognition of the so-called Kosovo and consistent positioning on this issue in international organizations.

Minister Selaković informed the guest about the increase in the number of scholarships that our country provides through the “World in Serbia” program, invited young people from Congo to use the opportunity to study for free in our country and expressed the expectation that this type of cooperation in education will further improve relations between our countries and people.