The Ministry of Foreign Affairs remembers the tragically killed colleagues

29. Apr 2021.
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Nikola Selakovic laid a wreath today at the spot where police officer Nenad Nikolic had perished, losing his life as he performed his duties on 30 April 1999 in front of the building of the Ministry, during the NATO aggression.

On this occasion the Serbian Foreign Minister said that the Ministry remembered their tragically killed colleague, endeavouring in this way to establish and foster a culture of remembrance of all colleagues who tragically lost their lives, while performing their duties and defending the interests of their homeland.

"In the time ahead, we will make an effort to create a suitable memorial right here in our building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will be dedicated to all those diplomatic and non-diplomatic officers who, during the two centuries of modern Serbian statehood, tragically lost their lives while being active in the field of foreign relations and representing the interests of our state", Minister Selakovic said.