Harshest Condemnation of the Removal of the Flag of Croatia from the Residence of Ambassador Biščević

21. Apr 2021.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia condemns in the harshest terms the removal of the flag of the Republic of Croatia from the residence of Ambassador Hidajet Biščević, and expresses the hope that one ill-considered and isolated act will not cast a shadow over the efforts to place the relationship between Serbia and Croatia on a new footing, to be developed in the future without obstacles, in the spirit of mutual trust and cooperation.

We are certain that the competent bodies of the Republic of Serbia will act with all the significance and urgency required by this situation, and that those responsible for this act of vandalism will be found and adequately punished.

We express our regret for the inconvenience experienced by Ambassador Hidajet Biščević, a proven friend to Serbia and true promoter of the improvement of relations between our two countries and peoples. 

Serbia remains consistently devoted to the spirit of our people and traditional Serbian hospitality, with the desire that all representatives of the diplomatic corps and all foreign nationals feel at home in our country.