The friendship between Serbia and Bangladesh dates back to the early days of the Non-Aligned Movement

13. Oct 2021.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, Nikola Selaković, spoke today with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh, Abdul Momen.

In the context of the gathering held on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the first conference of the Non-Aligned Movement, Selaković pointed out that the friendship between our two countries dates back to the early days of this movement, reminding of excellent relations and friendship between Tito and Bangladesh's first president Rahman.

The head of Serbian diplomacy thanked Minister Momen for the delegation of Bangladesh being represented at a high level during the commemorative meeting of the NAM.

Selaković assessed that the current relations between our two countries should be intensified, and emphasized that visits at high and highest levels would especially contribute to that. He pointed out that next year, proud of their common history, Serbia and Bangladesh will mark 50 years of diplomatic relations, and that this jubilee is an opportunity to improve cooperation through joint activities in both countries.

Minister Selaković conveyed Serbia's readiness to improve economic cooperation and increase trade, noting that it is necessary to intensify contacts among business entities of the two countries, in order to adequately use the potential for investment and business cooperation.

The head of Serbian diplomacy informed the Minister of Bangladesh that Serbia has quadrupled the number of scholarships within the “World in Serbia” project and that starting next year, a thousand young people from many friendly countries around the world will receive scholarships to study in Serbia. He expressed hope that young people from Bangladesh will also apply in large numbers.