First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Dačić receives Princeton University Orchestra

15. Mar 2023.
First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dačić organized today a reception in the Museum of Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the members of the Princeton University Orchestra on the occasion of celebrating “Tesla’s Years of Tesla's People”, a campaign of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs commemorating 80 years since the death of the great scientist Nikola Tesla, designed to cherish the culture of remembrance of relations between our two countries by remembering one of the world’s greatest minds.

“Serbs and Americans have a long common history, longer than the 140 years of cooperation between our countries. This history was built together even in the hardest of times, when our grandfathers fought shoulder to shoulder for our peoples’ freedom and democracy. Furthermore, our long common history was marked by people who brought together our nations, living and creating together”, said Minister Dačić after a rich cultural programme organized by Ambassador Ljiljana Nikšić, conceptual creator of this campaign, in which members of our choir Collegium Musicum participated.

“Here, in our Museum of Diplomacy, you can see memories of a part of our rich, and often turbulent, history. This history was built by people like you and me - some through diplomacy, and some through science and culture”, said Minister Dačić, wishing the musicians from the prestigious American university a successful concert in the Kolarac Music Centre on 16 March.

Minister Dačić then awarded Maestro Michael Pratt, musical director of the Princeton Orchestra, and doyens of the orchestra, students Natalia Arbelaez Solano, Isabella Khan and Jia Watson, symbolic Tesla diplomatic passports, thus making them ambassadors of “Tesla’s Years of Tesla's People”.