Selaković: Extremely great potentials for cooperation with Guatemala

30. Sep 2021.
At the end of his two-day visit to the Republic of Guatemala, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Selaković, stated that there are extremely great potentials for cooperation with that friendly and fraternal state, that Serbia's economic successes were welcomed and that Guatemala once again reaffirmed its principled and firm support for our territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Selaković emphasized that during the meeting with the President of Guatemala, Alejandro Eduardo Giammattei Falla, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pedro Brolo, he had the opportunity to present the latest details about the events in Kosovo and Metohija, our position and how we try to resolve all open issues by diplomatic and peaceful means.

"Once again, we have received confirmation of Guatemala's principled and firm support for our territorial integrity and sovereignty. That is what makes our relations even stronger", said Minister Selaković.

Summarizing the results of the visit to Guatemala, the head of Serbian diplomacy conveyed that it was a real pride and honor to represent Serbia in this Central American country.

He reminded that Guatemala and Serbia are celebrating 140 years of diplomatic relations next year, and that there are few countries in that part of the world with which we can boast of such a great jubilee in such a way.

"We have agreed to prepare a comprehensive agreement on cooperation between our two countries next year, in the field of economy, sports, youth, education, science, tourism and other areas of common interest for our two countries", said Minister Selaković.

He announced that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala will be at the head of the delegation that will represent that country in Belgrade at the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Non-Aligned Movement.

Minister Selaković says that both Guatemala and Serbia are ready to sign an agreement on the abolition of travel visas.

"We also talked about the organization of a business forum as soon as possible. There is one village in Guatemala that took the name Serbia, in honor of our state and our friendship. We will do our best to ensure the construction of houses for several families that were destroyed during an earthquake here in Guatemala", said Minister Selaković.

He emphasized that the potentials for cooperation between Serbia and Guatemala are extremely great and that he talked about that with businessmen there.

"I also had a special honor, in addition to visiting the Congress, to attend the solemn session of the Foreign Policy Committee of the Congress of Guatemala. At that session, I addressed not only the Foreign Policy Committee, but also the entire Central American diplomatic corps, which is represented here in Guatemala City", said Minister Selaković.

He underlined that Serbia was greeted with applause everywhere, that people were happy to hear about our economic success, about the reforms initiated by Aleksandar Vučić as Prime Minister in our country, but also about regional initiatives which are something that is more and more current in Central America, and which helps the countries of the region to join forces to have a much better and more efficient presence on the world market and on the world political scene in general.

At the end of the visit, the head of Serbian diplomacy met with Guatemalan businessmen and the mayor of Guatemala City, Ricardo Quiñónez, with whom he discussed cooperation between Belgrade and Guatemala City.

"The visit was extremely good, but we also hope for the visits of our Guatemalan colleagues during the next 12 months to Serbia, when together we will have the opportunity to celebrate this great jubilee, 140 years of diplomatic relations", said the head of Serbian diplomacy.