MINISTER DAČIĆ IN THE MORNING PROGRAMME ON HAPPY TV: Belgrade has extended the hand of friendship to Zagreb!

09. Jan 2023.
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dačić was a guest of the morning show on Happy TV.

Just before Christmas, Minister Dačić visited Zagreb with a view to thawing the relations between Serbia and Croatia.

- In agreement with Pupovac, we used the Serb National Council’s traditional Christmas reception in Zagreb as an opportunity. I still don’t know if this will produce any effects. We acted in a responsible way when choosing which messages to convey. In spite of all our differences, we must negotiate issues concerning the present and the future, and resolve past issues in the best possible way. The question is, who wants to achieve what. We must try to find mutual interest in this. Unfortunately, I’m not optimistic. After the reception, I also talked to the Croatian Minister and told him that they lacked context of the entire matter. We should really include everything we have an issue with in the discussion: World War One, World War Two, Operation Storm. If we want to achieve some progress, we need to overcome these obstacles. We were the first to extend the hand of friendship and we will see how things will develop - stated Minister Dačić.

Minister Dačić said the following about the importance of signing an agreement with United States Ambassador Christopher Hill:

- The agreement with Hill is somewhat different. We are trying to conclude cooperation agreements with a considerable number of ministries throughout the world. This Ministry is the place where future diplomats have their start, and those who will be the leaders of the country in the period ahead. This administration should remain in place. We wanted to show that Serbia does not cooperate just with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. So far we have not had any developed relations with the State Department in this regard. We need to exchange experiences. An agreement has been made that one of our diplomats is to remain for a year in the State Department, which is very beneficial for our country - said Minister Dačić.

Minister Dačić is travelling today to East Sarajevo to attend the ceremony marking the Day of Republika Srpska.

- Orlić and Vučević were in Banja Luka yesterday, and I will meet with some ministers in East Sarajevo today. Hopefully, I will meet with Dodik. Our activities are focused on the national and state interest.

Minister Dačić said that he had received many negative comments and messages these days, accusing him of undermining the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina by visiting East Sarajevo.

- I don't know why this would be seen as an act against Bosnia and Herzegovina. Let’s make this clear, Republika Srpska was not created only by our people. It was created by the Dayton Agreement and the Constitution. It was not someone in Republika Srpska, in Belgrade, Banja Luka or Pale that created it. To say that would be inaccurate. It was the only way for Bosnia and Herzegovina to survive as a country. Its foundations were three equal nations and entities. Why one entity was created rather than two, that is another matter. Everyone in Europe is now invoking various agreements, while agreements concerning Serbian people are being called mistakes. If Republika Srpska has been defined as an equal entity, how can it threaten the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina? Bosnia and Herzegovina was not created only by Bosniaks. It is a joint creation, and there is no reason to see it in a negative way - stated Minister Dačić.

Minister Dačić emphasised that dramatic times were ahead. About the arrival of Derek Chollet, Stuart Peach, Gabriel Escobar and Miroslav Lajčák, he said:

- Their visits are not unexpected. President Vučić had also announced their arrival. They will continue their talks with us, each of them with their own agenda. On Thursday, we will receive Counsellor of the U.S. Department of State Derek Chollet. UK Special Envoy Stuart Peach will also arrive. In addition to Lajčák and Escobar, an envoy each will come from Paris and Berlin, but we don't know when they will arrive, or which subjects they will discuss.  So far, they have mostly been “putting out the fire”.  The role of these four men is to create a new agreement, one we haven’t been able to reach due to having to “put out the fires” all the time - stated Minister Dačić,

Source/Photo: Happy TV