Dačić: Attempted murder of Serbian children evidence of terror inflicted by Kurti’s regime

06. Jan 2023.
An attempted murder of Serbian children near the town of Štrpce on Christmas Eve, the day before the happiest Christian holiday, at a time when the entire world only thinks of peace, is evidence of the terror inflicted upon the Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija by Kurti’s regime, stated Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dačić the same evening.

“We demand that the person responsible for this crime be punished, and we demand a response from the international community, as its silence can only be seen as an approval of the crimes committed against Serbian children”, said Minister Dačić for Tanjug.

Two Serbian boys were wounded earlier in the day in Gotovuša near Štrpce, when a local Albanian man opened fire on them from a moving vehicle without any provocation, announced the Office for Kosovo and Metohija of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

Source: Tanjug