Yerevan: Panajotović Cvetković on the importance of gender equality and position of women in Serbia

16. Sep 2021.
The Charge d’affairs at the Embassy of the Repubic of Serbia in Armenia, Tatjana Panajotović Cvetković attended, upon the invitation of the International Women’s Association of Yerevan, (IWAY), as an honorary guest, the regular meeting of the Association and made a speech on gender equality and position of women in Serbia.

Panajotović Cvetković presented the situation in the area of gender equality in Serbia and the position of women as well as the measures which the Government of the Republic of Serbia, especially the Coordination Body for Gender Equality, takes with the aim of the improvement of the situation in this field. The emphasis is placed on recent adoption of the Law on Gender Equality in Serbia, for the purpose of harmonization of the domestic legislation and the EU legislation, international treaties and conventions in the area of gender equality.

In her speech, the Charge d’affairs presented basic information on Serbia, development of bilateral cooperation and traditionally friendly relations with Armenia.

Taking into account that the meeting was held on the Day of the Serbian Unity, Freedom and National Flag, she also put the focus on the importance of this holiday, while the desk was decorated with Serbian national flags.

Panajotović Cvetković talked about touristic potentials of Serbia and informed that the visa regime for staying up to 90 days was abolished for Armenian citizens, so she invited everyone present to visit our countries.

The meeting was attended by around 40 members and guests and among them the representative of the Office of the Council of Europe in Yerevan, Liana Amirbekjan and head of the “Voluntary service of Amenia”, Shoghik Grigorian.

The International Women’s Association of Yerevan was established in 2012 and it deals with charity activities with the aim of providing assistance to women and children of Armenia, raising of the awareness of gender equality and holding panels on numerous topics of interest for women population in order to improve the position of women in Armenia.