Washington: World premiere of the play “Einstein’s Wife”

23. Sep 2022.
In a packed ExPats Theatre in Washington, an adaptation of the play “Einstein’s Wife” (original title “Gospođa Ajnštajn”) had its world premiere on 23 September.

As the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Washington had supported this project, Deputy Chief of Mission of Serbia to the USA Andon Sapundzi addressed the audience after the end of the play.

Mr. Sapundzi thanked the project leaders and emphasised the importance of giving the audience an opportunity to learn more about Mileva Marić, a renowned Serbian physicist and mathematician, one of the pioneering women in the worlds of art, science and politics, whose hard work and achievements were constantly devalued in a profession that was mostly reserved for men.

The story of Mr and Mrs Einstein, written by Snežana Gnjidić, directed by Karin Rosnizeck and translated to English by Milena Trobozić Garfield, is based on the findings about the contributions of Serbian scientist Mileva Marić to the development of the theory of relativity.

The play’s director, Karin Rosnizeck, founder and artistic director of the ExPats Theatre, strives to present the works of contemporary foreign playwrights to the audiences in Washington, and to include them in the current global social debates.