Sofia: Ambassador Jović Visits Surva Festival of Masquerade Games

30. Jan 2023.
Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to Bulgaria, Željko Jović, visited in the company of the Leskovac Mayor, Goran Cvetanović, and Director of TO Leskovac, Nebojša Kocić, one of the greatest European carnivals, Surva International Festival of Masquerade Games in Pernik.

The Republic of Serbia was represented by the Cultural & Artistic Society KUD Radost from Belgrade, majorettes from Bela Crkva and Leskovac carnival group.

The winter Surva tradition is characteristic of Middle West Bulgaria, i.e. villages around Pernik, Breznik, Zemen, Radomir and Trn. The participants in the New Year’s ceremonies are Surva Masquerade Games groups which singing and dancing visit villages, cities and towns.

Today, almost every Pernik village has its masquerade group consisting from 50 up to 200 participants. All of them are masked and carrying bells of different sizes and dancing in a specific rhythm.

This year, the Surva Masquerade Games gathered more than 10,000 participants, among which 15 groups from abroad.