Romania: “Serbia, a Vaccination Champion“

26. Apr 2021.
The Ambassador in the Republic of Serbia to Romania, Stefan Tomašević, said that the vaccination success in the Republic of Serbia was enabled through procurement of vaccines in different markets thanks to the timely insight into the pandemic challenges by the Serbian leadership headed by President Aleksandar Vučić.

In his statement for the Romanian Antena 1 TV, Tomašević emphasised that in Serbia one third of adult population were fully vaccinated in a 2-dose series.

Ambassador Tomašević explained the method of the citizen vaccine registration, speaking about stages within the vaccination system according to categories, good organisation of all institutions within the system as well as types of vaccines in circulation.

In answering a journalist’s question concerning the possibility of vaccination of foreigners, the Ambassador referred to the support provided by Serbia to the neighbouring countries by donating vaccines as a kind of solidarity gesture, but also the perception of the importance of this aid in order to protect the most vulnerable population categories in the region.

Furthermore, he presented data on the number of already vaccinated and registered foreign citizens, noting that for the time being the vaccination of the Serbian population is a priority; after the completion of the immunisation process of the Serbian citizens, continued immunisation of the registered foreigners will be considered.

Ambassador Tomašević emphasized the importance of activities related to the vaccine manufacturing in the Republic of Serbia, both for its citizens and for the region as a whole.

Tomašević praised the successful vaccination process in Romania found at the very top of European countries according to the percent of vaccinated citizens, and wished for further successful fight against the virus as well as normalisation of circumstances in the near future.

The mentioned statement was released on the Web Platform of the Romanian Antena 1 TV, “Observer”, under the title: “Serbia, a Vaccination Champion“ and delivered on other Romanian portals as well.