Consulate General of Rijeka: Petrović at the manifestation "Antifascism Days in Karlovac"

10. Jun 2021.
The Consul General of the Republic of Serbia in Rijeka, Goran Petrović, attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition of war photographs "World War II in Russia" and the exhibition of student works and posters "Antifascism, NDH, NOB, ZAVNOH", which were set up as part of the "Antifascism Days in Karlovac".

The event was organized to mark the 80th anniversary of the uprising and the Anti-Fascist Struggle Day, organized by the Association of Antifascists of the City of Karlovac, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Croatia, the Association "Kordunasica" and "Jews in Karlovac", the Croatian-Russian Friendship Society and the Serbian National Council in Karlovac.

The program of the event includes public discussions "Guardians of Anti-Fascist Heritage" and "Anti-Fascism and Fascism in the Past and Now", as well as screenings of the films "Battle on the Neretva", "Zoja" and "Signals over the City".

The ceremony was also attended by representatives of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Croatia, Deputy Prefect from the ranks of the Serbian national minority Dejan Mihajlović, Head of the Administrative Department for Social Affairs of the City of Karlovac Draženka Sila Ljubenko and the President of the Alliance of Anti-Fascist Fighters and Anti-Fascists of Croatia, Franjo Habulin.